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Website Refresh: eCommerce Clothing Boutique

About the Client:

Sisters of Soul is an Online Clothing Boutique located in Sydney, Australia.

They feature styles that inspire us and help us tap into the beauty and confidence of the female spirit.

About the Project:

Sisters of Soul reached out for a Website Refresh. The framework of the site remained intact while the visual style and user experience were updated.


The Website:

The updates consisted of: a slideshow banner advertising sales; site navigation bar update with new collections and organization; font and branding updates; new calls to actions for accessories; shopping by brand name, and new arrivals.

New addition of custom coding solutions added:

  1. Product Reviews: Users can leave comments and star reviews on each product in the shop.

  2. Low in Stock Notification: Notifications will show on the product page that it's low in stock giving the customer a sense of urgency to purchase fast!

  3. Related Items, Recommended Products: Based on price, brand and more, i.e.,... "If you like this, you might like this..."


New Design

Original Design

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