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Web Development

Our development team creates custom coding solutions, data management, and integrations, including: 

  • Custom e-Commerce Solutions

  • Customer Portal and Relationship Management

  • Database Design

  • Inventory and Product Management

  • Shipping And Delivery Services

  • MLS and IDX Feeds

  • Custom Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions


You will be required to prepare a dance of roughly a minute and a half in length, within each genre you wish to study. Please bring your music on an iPod or suitable device with an aux cable connection (please bring an adaptor if you have a new iPhone or device which is not compatible with an aux cable).

Required dress: Please ensure dance shoes and clothing are suitable to the genre you with to audition for. No loose clothing is permitted. Hair should be neat and secured. No loose jewellery or watches to be worn.


Once auditionees have completed the Dance stage of their audition they may be required for short, informal Interview. The purpose of the interview is to gain insight into the student’s interests outside of the rehearsal studio, his/her personal and professional goals and to help assess whether the student is intellectually and emotionally ready to enter a teacher training environment. It is also an opportunity for auditionees to ask any questions they may have regarding training at Italia Conti. Please note: resumes, headshots, videos, and other portfolio materials are NOT required or necessary. Please do not bring such materials to the audition.

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