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Website Redesign: eCommerce Jewelry Store

About the Client:

FIN Montauk was founded by New York jewelry designer and shark wrangler, Bella Ornaf, in 2013. Her introduction to jewelry design began as a globe trotter searching far and wide to expand her own personal collection. While settling in Montauk, NY as a local shark wrangler and megalodon tooth seller she started to make necklaces out of fossilized prehistoric teeth with designs inspired directly from the ocean and the environment around her.

About the Project

Fin Montauk was in need of a website redesign not only for front end visual redesign; but back end database product management. The original site was created on Squarespace using a template, and redesigned with Wix via a fully custom design.


The Website

The biggest update to the website was the home page; showcasing all of the beautiful jewelry with amazing photography.


New Design

Original Design

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