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Website Redesign: University

About the Client

Reach is a nonprofit university that employs job-embedded learning to help communities grow their own talent. At the undergraduate level, Reach offers adults employed in schools and other workplaces the opportunity to earn a unique bachelor’s degree that embraces work experience as part of the learning process. At the post-baccalaureate level, Reach provides “alternative” certification and degree programs for full-time educators and organizational leaders seeking a more equitable world. Reach seeks to pioneer a new era in higher education where a job leads to a degree instead of the other way around.

About the Project

Reach and Oxford Teachers College had separate websites that had almost the same information but different offerings. The goal of this redesign was to combine the most important parts of each site with new information to make the new website.


About the Website

Using the existing branding colors, logo and guidelines, this website design relied on color blogs and illustrations to accompany the information. The new was created using Wix's new EditorX advance design platform. A streamlined user experience and information architecture reorganization was a key component in the redesign.


New Website

Original Website

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