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Website Redesign: Yacht Business

About the Client

Island Yachts located in the Bahamas, works with the top charter brokers from around the world, providing them with access to a nearly unlimited fleet of day and overnight charter vessels ranging in size from 40’ to 300’. A perfect option for every style of traveler.

About the Project

Island Yachts was in need of a redesign for their outdated website. Using their existing content but changing the visual design with a few new additions.


The Website

Using the existing color palette, logo and content I revamped the site via user experience and interface design. What the original site was lacking was actual photos of the Yachts espeically on the home page. I wanted to make sure that the home page was full of yacht photos and the destinations where they service. Bringing this site up-to-date made it a more welcoming and informative site for current and potential customers.


Original Website

Original Website

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