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Branding +Web Design: Dental Practice

About the Client

Green Country Dental Arts is a mid-size dental practice with offices located in Bartlesville and Downtown Bartlesville, Oklahoma. GCDA prides themselves on high standards, education and prevention, uncompromising safety, and training and expertise while making your smile the top priority.

About the Project

Green Country Dental Arts was in need of a full company rebrand. The rebranding consisted of a new logo, color palette and font selection and website.


The Logo

Green Country, sometimes referred to as Northeast Oklahoma, is the northeastern portion of the U.S. state of Oklahoma. Taking that into consideration, I wanted the logo to reflect that and also incorporate the traditional visuals that would represent a dental practice.

Original Logo

Logo Redesign


The Website

For this project I focused on a completely custom design using the Wix platform. The original design was outdated and the colors were dark. Using the new color palette and logo and incorporating white space I was able to really brighten up the website. The white space represented a nice white smile while the greens represented the Green Country.


Original Website


Customer Review

"Krista's enthusiasm, skill, and work-ethic were evident from the moment we hired her to help us develop a new website and marketing materials. These qualities made the entire process smooth and efficient throughout. Her creativity and ideas were invaluable in helping us create a website that was both informative and easy to navigate for the consumer. We highly recommend, Krista, to anyone considering hiring her. You will find what we did, that her attention to detail and competence with the technology are fantastic and that she is excellent!"

- Dr. Aaron Bulleigh, Owner

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