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Template Restyle: "Timeless Dark Mode"

About the Client

John Clarkson is the author of eight novels, including AMONG THIEVES and BRONX REQUIEM, the first two novels in his new James Beck series.

About the Project

In the much anticipated release of John Clarkson's third novel in the James Beck Series, John was looking to add his new novel to the website; in addition, to refreshing the original website we had created two years ago. John inquired about the new Timeless Dark Mode template in the template shop, and if we could use the design/layout to revamp his website.


The Restyle

By using the Timeless Dark Mode template, all of the content (text, logo, and branding colors) from the original website; with the addition of the new novel graphics, we created the updated and enhanced restyle. The new images completely transformed the eCommerce template and were very easy to adapt to a marking/portfolio style site to showcase Clarkson's exciting crime thrillers. From start to finish, this website was purchased and restyled with a 72 hour turn-around!


Restyled Template

Original Template (Timeless Darkmode)

"Here's the our President-Elect likes to say - helping me with that email sign-off thing is an example of why I so appreciate working with you. I took the time to figure out how to end my emails with the new website address because I felt proud of the work you/we did. Without any prompting, you jumped right in and came up with graphics to make it much better. You were good natured about it and enthusiastic. No waiting. No discussion of cost. You just did it. AND you motivated me to get on board and go for it. And then sent a 'Yay' when you saw it. That's the kind of person someone like me is fortunate to work with."

— John Clarkson

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