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Website Redesign: Best Selling Author

About the Client

JOHN CLARKSON is the author of seven novels, including AMONG THIEVES and BRONX REQUIEM, the first two novels in his new James Beck series.

About the Project

John Clarkson requested a site redesign to announce the upcoming release of his new anticipated novel.


The Website

For this project I focused on a complete redesign focusing on user experience and promoting the book release. From displaying all of John Clarkson's books; to reordering reviews and news/blog, potential readers and current fans can visit this site for the latest book and author information.



Customer Review

"Your dedication and enthusiasm. These are important qualities. Without them there can be no true collaboration. The working relationship devolves rapidly to the point where you're just trying to get the work done, rather than get it done as well as it should be. My project involved re-building my website from the ground up. The purpose of the site is to sell my novels.
However, I had two categories of products to deal with. Traditionally published novels that were out-of-print that I re-edited and published under my own imprint. And new novels that have been traditionally published. The previous site was lacking organization, overloaded with content, and slow. The new site had to integrate both the two categories of books in a seamless way where everything fit together and made sense. Krista handled the complexities with first-rate design and web-building skills, clear thinking, and a quick, intuitive grasp of what I needed.
Combine all that with a passionate enthusiasm to get it right (as opposed to just getting it done) and you have a hell of a combination. Take it from someone who has worked with dozens of creative people over the years, that's extremely rare. Krista was a joy to work with. If you are fortunate to have Krista take on your project you won't be disappointed.

- John Clarkson

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